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(Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Extensions)

Straight to Volume Lash Extensions Training Course

During this 'Lash Like a Queen' Course, you will learn how to perform Classic lash extensions, Hybrid and Volume lash extensions, designed specifically for those wanting to start a new career as a lash technician. This is an intense course and is spilt into two sections. First section is our online theory & Quiz, second part is the face to face practical section held at our training academy. 

You will be sent the online theory content to read through, and complete a short quiz. Students will finish the course with the practical session face to face. Each practical day will start at 10:00am and finish at 2:00pm


Classic Eyelash Extensions- You will use synthetic extensions to give the appearance of longer, thicker natural lashes. Not only will you learn how to effectively apply and remove lash extensions, you will also learn how to accurately adapt the application process to the client’s particular eye shape, for the desired effect.

Russian Volume Lash Course- will teach you advanced multi lash pick up techniques using multiple super fine lashes to create 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D effects. The main benefit of Russian Volume Lashes is that you can accommodate to your clients requirements. 2D/3D more of a fluffy natural look. 5D-6D gives clients a full, high impact glamorous look.

Hybrid Lash Extensions- You will also learn how to incorporate the two methods Classic & Volume to create the Hybrid lash effect. 

You will carry out these treatments upon a professional training mannequin head allowing you the maximum time possible to acquire the skills and work upon your techniques.

Lash Like a Queen complete course is also available Online, details at the bottom of the page.

What This Course Covers.

Online Theory Content 

   *  Safety & Sanitation

   *  First Aid for product Eye contact

   *  Tools Sanitation

   *  Anatomy of the Eye

   *  Allergies

   *  Adhesives

   *  Tweezers explained

   *  Contra-indications & Contra-actions

   *  Choosing correct lashes for client's eye-shape

   *  Eyelash curvature, length and thickness

   *  Multiple Choice Quiz

Classic Lashes (Day 1. ​10:00am-14:00)

   *  Classic Lash Supply's 

   *  Priming Lashes

   *  Patch Testing

   *  Consultation Techniques

   *  lash Mapping

   *  Taping Lower Lashes

   *  Isolation Techniques

   *  How to apply individual eyelashes extensions

   *  Maintenance/Infill procedure

Volume & Hybrid Lashes (Day 2. 10:00-14:00) 

   *  Volume Lash Supply's

   *  What are Russian Volume Lashes

   *  Understanding Volume Lashes Weight

   *  How to pick up multiple lashes for extreme volume

   *  Application of Russian Volume Lash Extensions 

   *  Application of Hybrid Lash Extensions

   *  Methodical Application Layering & Blending

   *  Basic Mistakes made when lashing

   *  How to remove Lash Extensions 

   *  Insurance 

   *  Aftercare Advice 

Course Structure

This course package consists of two practical training days: Classic Eyelash Extensions (1 day/Day 1); Russian Volume & Hybrid Lashes (1 day/Day 2). 

Firstly you will need to complete the online theory and short quiz content. The practical sessions will be held at our Training Academy. Each training day runs from 10am – 2pm and we ask students to arrive at 9.30am to ensure a prompt start. You will spend the majority of the day developing your lashing skills with a short break for lunch.

All products and tools required to complete the training course will be supplied, you only need to bring food for your lunch (e.g. sandwich/salad). Tea & coffee will be provided.

Starter Kits 

We include a Starter kit within this training course, students will also have the opportunity to purchase lash supplies from our salon shop. These will be available to purchase on the day of your course or through our website & supplied directly to you by courier. (Starter kits included in full price courses only)


Our 'Lash like a Queen' Starter Kit consists of:

  • Two mixed length Classic Lash Trays in CC & D Curl

  • Two mixed length Russian Volume Trays in CC & D Curl

  • Lash Sanitiser 

  • Classic Lash Adhesive 

  • Volume Lash Adhesive

  • Isolating Tweezers

  • Classic Lash Pick up Tweezers 

  • Volume Lash Pick Up Tweezers

  • Under Eye Pads

  • Pink Tape

  • Microfibre Wands

  • Mascara Wands

  • Bag of Glue Rings/Wells & Glue Flowers

How To Book Your Place & Pay

Our friendly, Admin girls are on hand to answer any questions and assist you with your booking. Contact us either via Email or complete the date request form at the bottom of the page.

We let you suggest when you would like to book your training courses, making it extra convenient for you. Please make sure you give us the correct contact information, without this, we will not be able to deal with your request. 

A £50 deposit is to be paid upon booking, you will then gain access to the online material. The remaining balance will be payable on the day of the course. We offer finance and full course payment also. 

Other Payment Methods:​​

  1. Bank Transfer 

  2. PayPal

  3. All our courses are available to purchase on our Pretty Face Finance plan (Please see our course finance page for more details, a 10% administration fee is added to course price to use this service)

  4. Cash or Card payments to the salon. 

Course Benefits 

Eyelash extensions can transform the eyes by making the eyelashes appear longer, thicker and more enhanced. The treatment involves applying individual lashes to the eye, lengthening and thickening the client’s natural lashes, creating an emphasised look that eliminates the need for mascara. An extremely profitable service to offer with clients returning every two to three weeks for maintenance (and the average charge for a set is £50-£75). Russian Volume Lashes are now hugely popular and taking over from classic individual eyelash extension treatments, allowing you to provide wow lashes that incorporate incredible volume while adding length to the natural lashes. Hybrid Lash is a technique incorporating the two methods of classic and volume lash extensions together. This course package will ensure you are fully equipped with the skills needed to offer both Classic, hybrid and Russian Volume Lash extensions with confidence.

Students will work upon a professional training head, to acquire and demonstrate your practical skills in Eyelash Extensions.

Course Entry Requirements 

This course is suitable for complete beginners and does not require any prior learning to be able to train with us. Some students may prefer to book their two training days with some time in between to allow practice of the classic lash isolation and application skills upon models, however it is not necessary. Please state this upon booking.

What Qualification Will You Receive?

When you have successfully completed your training course, you will receive two certificates issued by Forever Enhanced Training Academy, one for Classic & one for Volume. Both certificates are fully accredited by BIA (Beauty Industry Approval). This not only demonstrates your commitment to the training, but also allows you to obtain Public Liability insurance so you can start offering these treatments to paying clients. 

Additional Work Required To Complete This Qualification

Once you have finished your practical training day with us, students will be required to complete 6 case studies, (3 Classic Lash and 3 Russian volume). Once these have been completed, and we are satisfied with your work, your certificates will be emailed to you. Paper copies are available on request. 

Why Choose Forever Enhanced Training Academy?

We offer high-quality accredited training with experienced tutors, professional equipment and a great atmosphere to train in. Our training centre is well-equipped, and within easy reach of public transport. We pride ourselves on working with only qualified and industry experienced tutors who are friendly, welcoming and happy to go the extra mile to deliver the very best student experience possible. 

All courses are run as small classes, allowing plenty of opportunity to ask questions or seek further support if required. Our training centre has the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to industry standards. We also provide free and unlimited on-going access to our Support Team who are available to answer queries or provide guidance within any aspect of your course with us, contactable by either email or telephone.

Online Lash Like a Queen Training Course

 Our Online Lash Like a Queen training course is presented to you as if you were being taught by one of our tutors in the classroom.

This course is an intense course covering EVERYTHING there is to know about being a full lash extension technician in the industry today.

It contains downloadable consultation forms, Client record cards and Client Evaluation cards. 


10 Step by Step Videos;

  • How to patch test

  • Taping lower lashes

  • Priming natural lashes

  • Classic Lash Application

  • Volume Lash Application

  • Volume 'Pick up fan' technique

  • Volume 'The Shimmy' technique

  • Volume 'Pinch Me' technique

  • Hybrid Lash Application

  • The 'Tape Back' for layering & Blending

  • Removal


Students also have the choice of two starter kits to purchase as part of the Online Lash Like a Queen Course;

   * Basic Starter Kit

   * Practise for Life Kit 


Once you have finished the theory and practical parts to this course, watched the videos and completed a short quiz, you will need to complete case studies.


Our online courses are fully accredited by BIA (Beauty Industry Approval) to allow you to gain insurance upon completion.

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